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Kids II: Song of the King

Here is a list of the titles and descriptions of all the songs in the Kids II: Song of the King collection. To see and print the lyrics for a song, click the song title.

  • Jumpin' Joy - This is a rockin' opener about the Jumpin' Joy of down in my heart
  • Psalm 23 - A favorite chapter, now easy to memorize.  You've never heard it like this, though!
  • Be-Bop Bible Bookin' Boogie - Wendy wrote this when the boys had to memorize the books of the Bible.  Remember the Andrews Sisters 3 part harmony?  Check this out.  And don't be alarmed by the Books flying by in 23 by the score have learned the Books of the Bible this way!
  • Song of the King - Title song for the Show.
  • So Ya Wanna Be a Millionaire? - For some reason, this rocker really hits people where it hurts - their wallets.  It talks about our choices, and how we should be storing up for ourselves treasures in heaven.... 
  • Truth - "You will know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free!"
  • Armor of God - Teaches kids how to put on the armor of God - breastplate, shield, sword, etc...
  • FROG - An audience favorite that teaches kids to "Fully Rely on God!"
  • Noah - The timeless story, as only Wendy can write and present. 
  • Do You Believe? - Full title is "Do You Believe in Jesus"?  Another rocker that invites kids to make the most important decision of their lives.
  • Celebration City - An allegory of what Heaven will be like.
  • We Will Pray for You - Wendy wrote this song from all of us to all of you.  It's a reminder of how grateful we are for our families and their prayers, and also that we pray for those who attend the shows.

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